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Patient transport and trolleys

جميع المنتجات الخاصه بالقسم

Brand: Mylife Model: TD010162
- A stretcher used in ambulances and hospitals to transport the sick and wounded- It is considered one of the first first aid tools to transport patients safely and quickly until reaching the place of treatment- Made of reinforced plastic, which is characterized by hardness, and the ability to float..
500.00 ر.س
Ex Tax:500.00 ر.س
Brand: Mylife Model: TD01015
- Stretcher used in ambulances to transport sick and wounded- It is lightweight and foldable for easy portability-  Heavy-duty metal construction and high-quality durable textile fibers- It features handles on both ends of the stretcher for easy carrying and movement- Side openings through whic..
200.00 ر.س
Ex Tax:200.00 ر.س
Brand: Mylife Model: TD+8
A stretcher made of high-quality, heavy-duty plastic used in ambulances, and it is also commonly used to transport injured people in football stadiumsIt has multiple sides of the slots so that many medical staff can carry it with easeIt is especially used for patients with spinal problemsIt contains..
2,200.00 ر.س
Ex Tax:2,200.00 ر.س
Brand: Mylife Model: MLF999-c
- A stretcher trolley is used in hospitals and ambulances to transport sick and injured people-  Made of high quality aluminum, it is lightweight and durable- The trolley is foldable when using the folding handle for easy entry into the ambulance- When pulled from the ambulance, the legs automa..
1,700.00 ر.س
Ex Tax:1,700.00 ر.س
Brand: NITROCARE Model: SD01
- Hydraulic emergency trolley used in hospitals and emergencies- Adjustable height and fall (51.5 cm: 79 cm) by hydraulic system by pressing the control pedal- Reclining adjustable headrest- Contractor mattress for water and bacteria- Moving sides to protect the patient- 360-degree rotating wheels w..
5,750.00 ر.س
Ex Tax:5,750.00 ر.س
Brand: Dragon Model: STRETCHER
Manual emergency trolley designed for use in hospitals, emergency departments and medical centers The chassis of the trolley is made of high-quality and durable materials in an elegant shape and appearance It has high bearing capacity, good ventilation, beautiful and firm appearance, and i..
2,850.00 ر.س
Ex Tax:2,850.00 ر.س
Brand: Mylife Model: DYC-87B
- A stretcher trolley is used in hospitals and to transport sick and wounded people-  Made of high quality aluminum, it is lightweight and durable- The trolley can be raised and lowered as needed-  The presence of side handles to protect the patient and ease of carrying by paramedics- The ..
1,500.00 ر.س
Ex Tax:1,500.00 ر.س
Scoop Aluminum stretcher folds for injured Scoop Aluminum stretcher folds for injured
Available Soon
Brand: Mylife Model: TD010162
- A stretcher used to transport the wounded with visible injuries that require their injury to be firmly fixed- Made of heavy-duty and lightweight aluminum Consists of two parts, right and left, both parts can be separated and withdrawn from the patient in the case of the patient's - condition ..
650.00 ر.س
Ex Tax:650.00 ر.س
Belgium Patient Electric Lifter
-18 %
Brand: Vermeiren Model: Eagle 625
The ideal solution for transporting patients and the elderly from one place to another without compromising the weight of the - patient - The crane is designed from the finest materials to withstand high weights up to 175 kg and with high stability-  The possibility of rising and falling t..
3,999.00 ر.س 4,900.00 ر.س
Ex Tax:3,999.00 ر.س
Brand: Best Care Model: PL400C
Rechargeable electric patient lift designed to carry the patient and easily move it from one place to another to give comfort to the people who care for the patientIt can bear up to 180 kg of weightEquipped with a bra made of the best materials to bear the patient's weight Equipped with four wh..
2,950.00 ر.س
Ex Tax:2,950.00 ر.س
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